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Loon Calls

 · mating call of the common loon/ night voices - common loon calls at night - this video will give you chills down your spine for anyone who spends time duri Author: Anthony D™Productions.

 · Relaxing Loon call at nigh, Common Loon LOON CALLS AT NIGHT - THIS VIDEO WILL GIVE YOU CHILLS DOWN. Anyone who spends time during summer in north.

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Calls. Pacific Loons are mostly quiet in fall and winter, though feeding birds sometimes give a short, sharp ark, possibly a contact the breeding grounds, the most memorable call is an eerie, wailing oo-loo-lee, audible over great distances and recalling the similar call of the Common c Loons also have numerous loud, croaking calls, some of which sound like ravens, as well.

 · The call of the Common Loon during winter is quite different from the summer breeding call. The prolonged, unmodulated tone sounds somewhat like a wolf’s howl, doesn’t it? We identify this as the “wail” call, reflecting its mournful qualities. Both males and females give this call, for example, when they want to reestablish contact.

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  1. The Call of the Loon. For most people, the call of the loon is their first introduction to the species. Loon calls have a distinct, haunting quality that has enchanted humans for centuries. In popular culture, these calls have become a symbol of the wilderness. Loons are most vocal from mid-May to mid-June.

  2.  · Many of us know loons by their haunting vocalizations. There are three long distance calls: the wail, the tremolo, and the yodel. Each plays a role in the establishment and maintenance of the breeding territory. Loons are at the top of the food chain and tend to accumulate toxins, like methyl mercury, in their tissues.

  3.  · Both males and females give this call, for example, when they want to reestablish contact after becoming separated. Common Loons have another, more cheerful “tremolo” call. This undulating tone, tagged the “laughing call,” is given while flying. When winter ends, Common Loons return to their breeding ted Reading Time: 2 mins.

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